Badass Faceted Skull 3D Printed Sterling Silver Cufflinks

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These 3D printed faceted skull cufflinks are for the BADASS! They are sterling silver and are not hollowed out.  These are the heaviest of the faceted skull cufflinks. Whether your have a black tie event, business meeting or just going out for dinner, cufflinks are the perfect accessory.  It’s true, you don’t need to own a suit or a tux to wear cufflinks.


  • Sterling silver and 925 hallmark.
  • Cufflinks measure approximately 20.56 mm x 12.73 mm x 21.87 mm.
  • The cufflinks come in a Nostalgic Links engraved chrome box, velvet bag and a Town Talk microfiber jewelry polishing cloth.

Precious Metals

The precious metal cufflinks are first 3D printed in wax and then lost wax casted in brass, bronze, gold plated, rhodium and sterling silver.